Roland’s Swiss Pastry & Bakery makes melt- in-your- mouth muffins. Dine like royalty on our fresh- from- the- oven delights. Our muffins are light and fluffy, filled with all sorts of delicious surprises like fresh blueberries and decadent chocolate chips. A truly perfect cup is like a little piece of heaven and the master baker Gerhard Schaefer at Roland’s, has this talent truly tamed. He knows exactly how much to mix his batter, what temperature his ingredients need to be and how to fill the cupcake liner so he gets the perfect muffin top. He then bakes them just the right amount of time at the optimum temperature to get that perfect texture and taste, moist, but not gooey. Chef Gerhard makes the best muffins in Houston, TX. He loves to use traditional flavors, especially chocolate, but he also loves to break new ground, so muffin lovers are certain to find new and exciting tastes that won’t be found anywhere else. Imagine such wonderful flavors like Cream Cheese and Cinnamon Pecan. He takes all of his fantastic cake flavors and transforms them into individual bits of perfection. Each muffin lovingly made to satisfy every flavor craving but without having buy an entire cake, although after tasting these muffins, you may very well need to have an entire cake, in which case Chef Gerhard is more than happy to oblige.

Each experience to Roland’s Swiss Pastry & Bakery brings new and more exciting flavors for Houstonians to enjoy. Seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice are so delicious they are pined for all year long. Other flavors are so popular they are on the menu all year long. If you have a favorite, let Chef Gerhard know and he can always create a special batch just for you. We are always happy to make muffins for anyone, especially muffins that are being eagerly awaited by someone that has placed a special order. Muffins don’t have to be for dessert, and we have many that go perfect with a great cup of coffee. Make that morning meeting a hit with muffins from Roland’s. Once the word gets around the office that muffins are on the menu, no one will call in sick and your office will run much more smoothly with everyone there to get all the updates presented at the meeting. For the finest flavors and most exquisite muffin, there is no better place to get the best in Houston, TX… than at Roland’s Swiss Pastry & Bakery.