New! Roland’s Curbside Pickup/Online Ordering

We are please to announce we are now offering online ordering with curbside pickup. See our offerings of cakes, breads, cookies and danishes.


Roland’s Swiss Pastry & Bakery’s history is built on its decadent, award-winning line of Swiss cakes and pastries, created by Master Pastry Chef Gerhard Schaefer. It was Roland’s popularity as an outstanding bakery which helped to launch the brand as Houston’s leading authentic Swiss bakery. Roland’s continues to produce outstanding hand-crafted desserts, which has given it the proud title of “The Best Cake Bakery in Houston TX.”

For your next office meeting, wedding, holiday party or any other special event, Roland’s will provide you with mouthwatering cakes, Danishes, muffins or pastries… from our oven straight to you!


Each and every cake is carefully handcrafted to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Only the finest ingredients are used in their preparation – imported European chocolates, pure butter and cream, fresh eggs and locally sourced seasonal fruits… which gives these cakes the title, “Best Cakes in Houston, TX!” All baked goods that come from the ovens at Roland’s Swiss Pastry & Bakery are prepared with the same level of care and appreciation for quality.


Cake goes hand in hand with celebrations, Birthday cakes, Graduation cakes & Wedding cakes. From the treat on holidays to the sweet end of anniversaries, there is something that feels genuinely special about cakes. It could be the level of work that goes into most of these beauties. Or it could just be the frosting.


Roland Swiss Pastry & Bakery has the best pastries in Houston, TX and is known for preparing authentic American and European pastries using fresh, hand-picked, and authentic ingredients. Our master chefs have a long-standing tradition of preparing and serving the best pastries in Houston.


Danish pastries are one of the many delectable European imports that people all across the United States have adopted as a staple breakfast treat.. The creamy sweetness of a Danish pastry – from the kringle to any of its many Wienerbrod variants – lets off an unmistakably rich aroma when it is fresh out of the oven.


Roland’s Swiss Pastry & Bakery makes melt- in-your- mouth muffins. Dine like royalty on our fresh- from- the- oven delights. Our muffins are light and fluffy, filled with all sorts of delicious surprises like fresh blueberries and decadent chocolate chips. A truly perfect cup is like a little piece of heaven.