Danish pastries are one of the many delectable European imports that people all across the United States have adopted as a staple breakfast treat.. The creamy sweetness of a Danish pastry – from the kringle to any of its many Wienerbrod variants – lets off an unmistakably rich aroma when it is fresh out of the oven, and for quite some time afterward’. The bread is folded and doused with real butter, and there are several options for the fillings – including butter, marzipan, sugar and jellies. Marzipan is one of the favorites of the regulars at Roland’s Swiss Pastry & Bakery, and is a soft yellow mixture of delicately ground almonds, egg whites and sugar baked into the sweet bread.

Customers can also order sweet bread mixed with certain types of flour for a crispier texture to suit their palate, or opt for bread baked with stronger white flour – which is responsible for noticeably softer texture. Under the expert hands of our bakers, the dough is rolled in tandem with the spread of butter for an even spread over the layers – which makes for a uniformly delicious final product. We use only real milk, egg whites, butter and cream, as our Danishes are intended to be devoured and not preserved like store-bought sweet bread. Although not many of our customers have the experience to compare our delicacies to those straight out of Vienna, they nonetheless tout Roland’s Danishes as the best they’ve ever tasted in Houston, TX.

Mixed and baked with a homely touch, the sweet bread that emerges from Roland’s ovens is certified by a Master Pastry Chef trained in Europe, with experience in every culinary arena. Made with a sure hand and old-style sensibilities, the Vienna Bread – Weinerbrod, or Danish pastry – is as authentic as the pastry first popularized by chefs in Copenhagen, Denmark in the 1840s. Presented to you by a chef  Gerhard Schaefer who has served clientele in the top resorts, restaurants and hotels in Germany and beyond. What ever topping or pastry variant you choose, you can be sure that the selection of Danishes here at Roland’s is the very best in Houston has to offer.